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Employee Development and Training includes both orientation and refresher training for all employees and has been structured to ensure that residential, community supports, service coordination and administrative employees will have completed all requisite trainings.

The enhancement of the professional development curriculum and expansion of the agency Mentoring Project is designed to continue to develop essential skills of CCDS employees. In addition we offer professional development education which includes: technology courses, meeting the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities as they age, and expanding expertise in the area of mental health related services.

Administrative Employee Orientation Training

In addition to the on-the-job and department orientation received, administrative employees are required to complete an orientation that includes coursework, based on regulation and standards that apply to CCDS.

The orientation is offered in four parts.  The first three are online trainings that are accompanied by assessments and the last is a in-person training.  The online components must be completed prior to the in-person training.

Administrative Orientation Parts 1, 2 & 3: To be completed online (within first 3 months of date of hire, prior to Part 4)

Administrative Orientation Part 4: In-Person training, as scheduled, but no later than 3 months after the date of hire.

Required Employee Education

CCDS employees are required to take annual refresher training in several topics mandated by regulation. 

Employees will receive notice from the Quality Assurance and Training department when they are required to complete refresher and update trainings.

Professional Development

CCDS is committed to being a learning organization.  Professional development programs are designed to give talented people the tools, support and opportunities they need to succeed.

Throughout each year, the Quality Assurance and Training Department collaborates with other CCDS departments, other agencies throughout the CC system and organizations in the community to offer opportunities to strengthen the skills, knowledge and talent of the CCDS workforce.  Please see below for a more information on the various training series and courses offered. Employees will receive emails with information regarding these periodic trainings and are encouraged to participate. Supervisor approval is required.

Leadership Development Series
The Leadership Development Series is an opportunity for employees to expand their knowledge and skills sets in the areas of leadership.  There are three areas for each employee to improve and expand their knowledge; personal development, professional development, and field of work.

Microknowledge Technology Courses
In addition to the 24 current courses offered as part of our Leadership Development Series, a Technology Course through MicroKnowledge is also available. 

This course will be available to those employees enrolled in the Leadership Development Series and offered through partnership with MicroKnowledge.  The employee, with supervisor review and approval, will select a course to enhance their current technology-based skill sets.  Among those offered are courses in Access, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.  Details on the courses and their content is available for review for anyone who is interested, and their supervisor.

Clinical Training Series 
Training is offered in the spring and fall at an agency wide training day.  Courses will be an hour long and will be repeated four times each day.

Training consists of five subject areas including: Aging, Health/Medical, Behavioral Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Policy and Values.

  • Aging will include such offerings as common problems of aging, dementia, environmental concerns in aging, community services for the elderly, hospice and palliative care.
  • Health/Medical can include offerings on common chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension, body systems, growth and development, etc.
  • Behavioral Health presentations can focus on symptomatology of major disorders, use of medication, the service system, etc.
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities will include causes of disabilities, various syndromes, modalities of support, history of services and so forth.
  • Policy and values will include offerings in the politics of care, person-centeredness, Medicaid reform etc.

To complete the series, staff will need to take one offering from each track and one additional elective for a total of six hours of training.  Upon completion of the series, staff will receive a certificate as well as a monetary stipend.  To enroll in the series, your supervisor must complete an enrollment form.

Trainings may also be taken ad hoc, with supervisor approval. Contact Doug Secor for more information.

Mentor Program
The CCDS Mentor Program is designed to enhance the personal and professional growth of CCDS employees through a structured mentor-mentee relationship with CCDS leadership.   Selected mentors will share skills and knowledge with the mentee and provide opportunities for the mentee to be exposed to intra-agency departments and the broader human services ID/DD field.  The mentee will have an opportunity to experience a leadership role within our organization.  Through this experience, the agency will see improved practices, processes and systems.

The Mentor Program offers something more essential to CCDS than the immediate improvements to the skill base and knowledge of the employees or the improved systems that they will generate.  This is an opportunity for CCDS leaders to pass on their wealth of knowledge, expertise and history to create a new group of leaders, who will be prepared for the future of the DD field, and remain faithful to the characteristics of our current culture.  This type of intensive and focused development of leaders cannot happen in a formal classroom, but it can be developed, structured and expertly executed within the concept of a mentor program.

Training Locations:

Online Training: Some training courses are to be completed online. If you do not have Internet/computer access you may schedule a time to use the computer resource room located in our main Catholic Charities Disabilities Services (CCDS) offices at 1 Park Place, Albany, NY.

On-site training locations include, but are not limited to: 
  • CCDS Main Offices at 1 Park Place, Suite 200, Albany, NY
  • Wildwood Programs, Latham, NY

Please refer to the calendar for the date and location of each training.


For questions please contact:

Peggy Maliski
Peggy Maliski
Director of Quality Assurance
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Alisa Nurminen
Alisa Nurminen
QA & Training Specialist
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Doug Secor
Doug Secor
Senior QA & Training Specialist
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