Carolyn Howland
Service Coordinator
(518) 724-1831

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About Carolyn:  Carolyn joined our Service Coordination in July 2012.  Prior to joining the team, Carolyn worked in the field in a variety of positions including working a direct care professional (DSP), a case manager, a residential social worker and a service coordinator at Residential Opportunities (which later merged with the Center for Disabilities Services).  Carolyn also has experience working as a school social worker at the Lagan School and as a recreational coordinator for OWPDD’s summer programs.

Carolyn is passionate about working as a service coordinator at CCDS because she feels it is important for families and individuals to be aware of all the services that are available to them.  In her own family, her parents were not aware of what services were out there for her two siblings (TBI and Intellectual Disabilities) and as a result, there were limited choices for services for her brother and sister.   At the time, her parents did not know who could help them, what funding/resources were available, or what services they qualified for.  As a service coordinator, Carolyn works to help families by providing the knowledge and resources they need to help them decide what is best for their loved ones.  She believes it is important to continue to advocate for additional funding, so every individual can have a better life.  Having the opportunity to help families and individuals gain the resources and supports they need to have a better life and continue to be independent in the community inspires Carolyn in her work as a service coordination.

When she’s not working Carolyn enjoys reading, watching football, hanging out with family and friends and traveling to new places. 

Education:  Master of Science in Social Work, SUNY Albany, Licensed Master Social Worker

"Turning disabilities into capabilities; providing quality services with integrity, compassion and respect."

Services available to all, regardless of age, race, income, or religious affiliation