Person Centered Excellence Report, January 2015

Progress on our transformation to an agency of person-centered excellence.

Residential Advisory Committee: This month we met with a group of self-advocates to discuss the formation of an advisory group made up of people we support residentially. Eight people have accepted our invitation and will begin meeting monthly starting on February 24th.

Semi-annual stake holder meetings: Meetings will be held in May and November, approximately one month after “Hop into Spring” and “Oktoberfest.” We will use these events as a spring board for advertising the stake holder meetings. First meeting agenda will be determined at a later date.

Maximizing opportunities for people to fully exercise their rights and responsibilities: A plan was developed to use a variety of resources, including people we support, staff, outside agencies and the public to discuss this issue before we begin to write a standard.

Development of an action plan following a POM interview: The basic outline of the procedure has been developed. A Standard will be written.

Quarterly staff meetings: The first meetings will be held in May with both a morning and evening session. Agenda items will include an overview of CQL and person-centered excellence as well as an open discussion about how person-centered excellence impacts people’s lives.

Increasing the diversity of membership on CCDS governance bodies: Service Coordinators have been surveying people they support to see if anybody is interested in serving on any of these bodies.

Empower people to exercise their authority to direct their ISP and Team meetings: The Service Coordination Department has developed a template designed to help people invite and run their meetings. The template should be in use by March 1st.

Including people supported residentially in the hiring process: A group of six individuals helped to interview candidates for the Residential Director. A plan to routinely use individuals supported during the interview process for DSPs is almost complete.

Tracking POM Interviews: As of January 31st we have completed 17 interviews.

"Turning disabilities into capabilities; providing quality services with integrity, compassion and respect."

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