Person Centered Excellence Report, March 2015

March was another extraordinary month on our journey toward person-centered excellence. While we have much work to do, we need to be proud of our accomplishments so far. Progress made in the month of March included:

Residential Advisory Committee discussed the exercise of their rights and responsibilities including their ability to vote, how well-meaning people in their lives tend to limit or restrict what they believe they are capable of doing, and how the agency tends to generalize rules or corrections to fix individual problems;

Human Rights Committee established the practice of inviting the people on the agenda to be discussed to the meeting. During March the first such meeting was held;

An organizational tool to help people run their own Individual Service Plan (ISP) meetings was developed and put into practice on March 1st;

The Board of Directors membership has been enhanced to include a person with a developmental disability;

Membership of the Operations Committee was designated to be the group tasked with the responsibility of guiding the implementation of the person-centered excellence plan;

Take-downs and Floor Restraints will be eliminated from all behavior support plans by the end of April;

The First Stakeholders Meeting and the First Open Staff Meeting for Updates were scheduled for May 6th and May 13th respectively.

"Turning disabilities into capabilities; providing quality services with integrity, compassion and respect."

Services available to all, regardless of age, race, income, or religious affiliation