April, 2015

Person Centered Excellence Report, April 2015

April brought us further down the road in our journey toward person-centered excellence.  While we didn’t “finish” a task, we made significant progress in several areas.

Tracking POM Interviews:  We have now interviewed 24 people utilizing Personal Outcome Measures.  As we have been having a bit of a challenge scheduling interviews with people we support in the community, we decided to concentrate on interviewing people we support residentially while we work on “selling” the advantages of POMs to all of those we support.

POMs Action Plan:  We held several meetings to discuss how to get the information gathered in POMs interviews to a person’s ISP planning meeting.  We anticipate being able to finalize a process in May or June.

Maximizing Opportunities to Exercise Rights:  The first draft of a plan committing the organization to maximizing opportunities for individuals to fully exercise rights and responsibilities was circulated to the Directors Team as well as the Operations Committee.

Residential Advisory Committee:  The Residential Advisory Committee met this month and began work on a very exciting project of producing a training video of “do’s” and “don’ts” for new staff.

Community Partnerships:  Staff from Catholic Charities Disabilities Services participated as community members in Wildwood’s CQL accreditation process.  We began very preliminary discussions about starting a community of practice involving local agencies that have been accredited by CQL.