Person Centered Excellence Report, May 2015

May was a very productive month on our journey to person-centered excellence.  During the month we held our first stakeholders meeting as well as our first all-staff meeting.  Discussion at both meetings centered around Personal Outcomes Measures (POMs) Interviews, which we are not going to call “Life Journey Conversations,” a term we believe better captures the spirit of these conversations.

Members of the Residential Advisory Committee met with a representative of the OPWDD Commissioner’s Office to help OPWDD plan their Fall conference on choice.  Their discussion with this state official considered the challenge of choice for people with significant disabilities.

Finally, the Directors team and Operations committee continued to work on both guidelines for our staff to help people exercise their rights as well as the development of a procedure that will define practice involving translating the results of Life Journey Conversations into values outcomes for planning purposes.

"Turning disabilities into capabilities; providing quality services with integrity, compassion and respect."

Services available to all, regardless of age, race, income, or religious affiliation