July/August/September, 2015

Person Centered Excellence Report, July/August/September 2015

Despite the slower tempo of summer, two significant events on our CQL journey occurred. In August CCDS’ received our formal report from CQL regarding our nine-month follow-up visit. Additionally, we were very excited to host the first CQL Capital District Community of Practice Coalition. Representatives from the six Capital District agencies accredited by CQL (Wildwood Programs, the ARC of Rensselaer, COARC, Schenectady ARC, Lexington and Liberty) were represented. The group will meet at CCDS bi-monthly to discuss issues of common concern and share best practices.

The CCDS Operations Committee met twice to discuss what work we need to do on the "Guiding Principles for Assisting Individuals to Exercise their Rights" as well as Basic Assurances Factors One and Two.

Finally, we focused our efforts on conducting Life Journey Conversations (POM Interviews) for individuals supported in our ICFs to help us plan for ICF transformation plan.