Person Centered Excellence Report, December 2015

The agency continued to move forward on the road to Person-Centered Excellence in December.

On December 1st, a group of staff met to discuss how we are introducing discussions around rights and choice to both individuals and staff.  We talked about using house meetings to bring individuals and staff together to discuss specific topics that affect everyday life.  Going forward, we are inviting individuals supported residentially to attend at least part of every staff meeting.  We decided that we need to give staff additional opportunities to discuss rights and choice so they can become more comfortable with reasonable risk.

On December 7th, we held both morning and afternoon “all staff” open meetings where staff had to opportunity to talk about person-centered excellence.

Two days later all of the Life Journey Conversation (POMs) interviewers met.  We agreed to change our practice around staffing the interviews to expand the number of staff who can be involved.  We agreed that allowing trained scribes to take notes during the interviews, would, in effect, double the number of interviewers. Trained interviewers can continue our current practice if they wish.  Beginning in February we will train scribes for this purpose.  Interested staff should look for announcements for the training in mid-January.

On December 14th, the Operations group met to identify metrics which will be used to measure our compliance with Basic Assurances.  For Basic Assurance One (Rights Protection and Promotion) we choose to measure whether or not the Residential Advisory Council met as well as to measure the number of outcomes present for “People Exercise Rights” section of the Life Journey Conversation protocol.  For Two (Dignity and Respect) we choose to measure the rate of staff completion of annual refreshers regarding promoting positive relationships and measuring responses to questions on respect from the annual survey.  For Three (Natural Support Network) we will measure how many individuals choose to invite others than staff to their ISP meetings as well as how many times we bill for services aligned to a community integration valued outcome.

Additionally, we circulated draft guidelines on developing natural supports as well as a draft standard on health care decision making.

Finally, we reviewed our progress on meeting the 2015 goals from our Person-Centered Excellence Plan.  Of the 20 listed goals, we fully met 8 and have made at least some progress on meeting the other 12.

"Turning disabilities into capabilities; providing quality services with integrity, compassion and respect."

Services available to all, regardless of age, race, income, or religious affiliation