Agency News

CCDS Staff Person of the Year

At the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany Annual Gathering we honored Rita Spearman as CCDS Staff Person of the Year.

Serena House, named for Sister Serena Branson, opened in 1984 as a home for fourteen adults with developmental disabilities. There are currently three individuals who have lived there since the doors opened. Imagine what a comfort it is for those three individuals to see the same person, Rita Spearman, at the helm everyday of those thirty years!

Rita has been a constant source of leadership and structure for this first residence that CCDS opened, and while it is not uncommon for someone to work at a Catholic Charities agency for 30 years, it is very uncommon for a program manager to have this kind of longevity. What Rita has done is nothing short of amazing.

Many times during the course of her tenure here at CCDS, Rita has taken on extra temporary roles within the agency, including this year when she managed two residences. She does so without question and always brings consistency to the residences she is managing. By providing a constant and steady presence over such a long period of time, Rita has done a great service to those who live and work at Serena House.

Thank you and congratulations Rita!