Overview: Our agency’s standards help Catholic Charities Disabilities Services employees meet state and federal requirements and follow best practices including service delivery, professional conduct, protecting information and ensuring confidential information is kept secure.

Our Standards: are formal, brief, and high-level statements or plans that embraces our agency's general beliefs, goals, objectives, and acceptable procedures for a specified subject area. Our standard attributes include the following:

  • Focus on desired results and the means of implementation
  • Require compliance (mandatory)
  • Failure to comply results in disciplinary action
The standards of CCDS can be reviewed on the right side of this page.  They are categorized by department and then listed in alphabetical order.  Should you have any questions about our policies please ask your supervisor or department director.  

If you are not sure which category a policy and standard is under please refer to the Table of Contents which includes all agency policies and standards listed alphabetically.



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